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Nanoco Technologies Ltd

Nanoco Technologies Ltd

Nanoco partners major R&D and blue-chip industrial organisations in the development of applications incorporating semiconductor nanoparticles, "quantum dots".

Nanoco is unique in the nanomaterials market as a company that manufacture large quantities of quantum dots. Our molecular seeding process for the bespoke manufacture of these quantum dots on a commercial scale is protected by worldwide patents.

The bulk manufacture of quantum dots provides our partners with the platform to develop a wide variety of next-generation products, particularly in the fields of electronics, lighting, biomedical and PV solar cells. Nanoco Technologies is the only manufacturer presently able to supply production quantities of quantum dots which do not use a regulated heavy metal. We are the only manufacturer able to respond to orders for large quantities of bespoke quantum dots, and we are leading the way in the custom-functionalisation of quantum dots for chemical linkage into biological and other specific uses.

Nanoco's research and manufacturing headquarters was established in Manchester (UK) in 2001. The company currently operates facilities in the UK and Japan.

Nanoco was conceived under the auspices of the University of Manchester. The company is the brainchild of Dr Nigel Pickett, Research Fellow , and Professor Paul O’Brien of the University of Manchester Materials Science Centre and Chairman of the School of Chemistry. Nanoco Technologies is now a fully independent company.

Independent status notwithstanding, Nanoco continues to benefit from strong links with the University, which retains a percentage stake in the business. Nanoco is headquartered in the Core Technology Facility, located close to the University of Manchester, and enjoys access to the technical resources and expertise of the Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Life Sciences departments.

Nanoco Technologies Ltd
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