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The Contipro 4SPIN C4S Lab 1 is a desktop laboratory device used in the nanofiber production and the preparation of nanofiber layers from solutions of synthetic and natural polymers. It is a highly modular device composed of specially designed components. Selected process parameters are completely controlled by a central control system with intuitive handling based on a touch screen and multi-function button.

The device has four fundamentally different types of emitters and four different types of collector units. The emitters are connected to a high voltage source and a dispensing mechanism containing the spinning mixture. Most emitters are also accompanied by air ducts feeding air at a controlled speed and temperature to the area immediately around the nozzle throat.

These additional process parameters significantly expand the opportunities for experimentation offered by the device and play a significant role in the creation and formation of fibers, as well as in the attainment of the required morphological parameters of the materials prepared.

Different types of collectors can be used to create large flat randomly structured samples and samples with a precise uniaxially or multiaxially aligned internal structure. Thanks to the device's modular system, these electrodes can be replaced quickly, are easy to clean and maintain, and can be used in any combination. The single central control system is a guarantee of stable process conditions, the same material properties when production of nanofibers is repeated. Central control system ensures the complete preservation of all operating data.

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