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OLEDWorks’ mission is to empower our customers through innovative development and manufacture of the world’s best and most affordable OLED lighting devices.

Creating world-class, cost-effective solutions requires an entirely new approach that breaks from traditional OLED manufacturing paradigms. OLEDWorks’ production methodology is built on a novel system that delivers affordable OLED solid state lighting panels while offering flexibility and responsiveness. This combination enables our customers to adapt quickly to market demands. A leader in technology partnerships, OLEDWorks integrates low cost, high performance, leading-edge solutions into OLED lighting products. OLEDWorks is singularly positioned to deliver OLED lighting engines to our integration partners – the creative collaborators in the luminaire, design, architecture and adjacent markets.

Our team is comprised of OLED pioneers and manufacturing experts. As key inventors, innovators, and implementers for the processes and equipment that manufactured the world's first active matrix OLED display, OLEDWorks has significant OLED production experience and unique insight into manufacturing strategies specifically tailored to lighting.

1645 Lyell Avenue
Suite 140
Rochester, NY
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