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Principles of and Recent Advances in Laser Micro/Nano Manufacturing Processes

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An NSF-sponsored Summer Institute on Laser Micro/Nano Manufacturing Processes will take place from June 1 - 4, 2010, in Evanston, IL. Deadline for Fellowship applications is March 31; deadline for registration is April 1.

Lasers have been increasingly used in fabricating/shaping micro- and nano-features on various engineering and bio-materials. Since its introduction some forty years ago, lasers have spawned many applications in manufacturing, measurement strategies, and medical procedures. The objective of this short course is to provide attendees with a balanced review of principles and applications, as well as recent research trends. The Institute will cover laser fundamentals, modeling, laser diagnostics and applications in micro-, nano-manufacturing, bios and chemistry.

Courses include: 

  • Laser Optics and Laser-Matter Interactions
  • Material Molding: Solidification, Phase Transformation, Microstructure Evolution
  • Near-Field Nanomanufacturing
  • and many others

Visit the Institute website for more detail and registration information. 

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