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Explore InterNano with the new Taxonomy Spring Graph

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Spring Graph Thumbnail
There is a new way to browse through the nanomanufacturing content on InterNano. An interactive spring graph shows the relationship between InterNano taxonomy terms through content tagging as well as their relative usage statistics.

The InterNano Taxonomy is a tool for domain definition and information discovery. It is a list of nanomanufacturing terms composed of eight hierarchical categories, from areas of application to social and economic impacts, down to three levels of granularity with tree and cloud viewing options in addition to the spring graph. The taxonomy is fully integrated into the site, and links to all tagged content. Using it, you can gain access to all of the tagged content within the InterNano portal and repository.

Explore InterNano with the new Taxonomy Spring Graph! As always, if you have comments about the taxonomy or a term to suggest, please contact us.

InterNano Taxonomy: