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2014 NACK Network Nanotechnology Workshops

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The Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network has announced its late summer and fall 2014 offerings of the NACK Nanotechnolgy Resource and Hands-On Introduction to Nanotechnology Workshops, held at the Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU) at Penn State University.

The Course Resource Workshops series consists of two workshops designed to provide the resources needed to effectively teach undergraduate nanotechnology courses based upon the NACK suite of six nanotechnology courses. They can be attended in any order to meet the needs and schedules of the workshop participants.

The next Course Resource Workshop offering will be the August 11-14 offering of Nanotechnology Course Resources II: Patterning, Characterization & Applications. This workshop will focus on the second set of courses in the 6 course suite: (4) Patterning for Nanotechnology, (5) Materials Modification for Nanotechnology Applications, and (6) Characterization, Testing of Nanotechnology Structures and Materials. (NOTE: This workshop will be offered again on October 6-9.

Their April 2014 Course Resource I workshop was very successful with representatives of educational institutions from 7 states in attendance. This workshop Nanotechnology Course Resources I: Safety, Processing & Materials will again be offered September 15-18. This workshop focuses on the first set of courses in the 6 course suite: (1) Materials, Safety, and Equipment Overview, (2) Basic Nanotechnology Processes, and (3) Materials in Nanotechnology.  

Our Hand-On Introduction to Nanotechnology Workshop will be offered for the second time this year November 11-13, 2014. This workshop presents an overview of the world of nanotechnology. Participants will learn about the growing applications of nano in industry and about  nanofabrication processes and tools.

All workshops have hands-on lab activities in cleanrooms at Penn State.

Financial support to attend the workshops is available!   The support covers the registration fee, travel expenses, and lodging. The form to apply for financial support is included with along with the workshop applications.

NACK has had some very nice feedback on the workshop from past participants. Below is a sampling of attendee feedback from their recent workshop experiences:

 “You guys are an inspiration. Penn State is a leader in nanotechnology instruction. Keep up the good work!!!”

“The labs were fantastic.”

“Overall this workshop is awesome and great!”

“The workshop was fantastic. I gained a valuable understanding of nanofabrication and applications.”

 “Excellent overall. Lecture/Lab format was the best.”

 “The staff and faculty at this workshop are great and very helpful.”

“This was an awesome workshop. I learned so much and hope I can get our students as excited as I am.”

“I was very impressed with the workshop. I learned a tremendous amount.”

 “It was very valuable – learned a lot on the basics of vacuum technology in much more detailed and comprehensive manner… remote sensing and learning to use it was equally valuable.”

 “This workshop was probably the best I have ever attended! Excellent job.”

For more detailed information about the workshops (as well as a word version of the applications) refer to our website at

Please apply as soon as possible for these upcoming workshops as spaces fill up quickly. The application period for the August workshop closes on June 30, 2014.

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