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NanoXplore is a Montreal-based company specializing in the unique science of graphene and its derivative materials, and is very well placed to address three key challenges facing the graphene industry today:

  • NanoXplore’s unique production process provides high-volume, affordable production (tonnes of material monthly at dollars per gram);
  • NanoXplore’s production techniques are environmentally friendly and compatible with a wide range of manufacturing processes and government regulations; and
  • NanoXplore technology allows for unparalleled integration with a broad range of industrial materials.

NanoXplore achieves significant improvements in performance for its customers with very low levels of graphene because its material is of high quality (few defects, highly dispersible), because the production process can easily tune the dimensions of the graphene flakes, and because NanoXplore has specific expertise in dispersing graphene in a broad range of industrial materials. NanoXplore partners with its customers to integrate graphene into their products and processes, providing them with innovative products and a strong competitive advantage.

1744 Rue William St.
Suite 100
Montreal, QC, H3J 1R4
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+1 514-935-1377


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