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process in which electromagnetic radiation is used to transfer a mask through a reticle to create a pattern [SOURCE: ISO/TS 80004-8 v1, 7.1.20]

254 West Cummings Pk Woburn, MA 01801 USA

Kemlab customizes electronic material formulations for the specific applications of customers.

We specialize in photoresist, ancillaries, and alternate coating technologies.

- Design new photoresist and ancillaries
- Modify commercially available photoresist
- Optimize film thickness, optical absorbance, photospeed, lithographic profiles, etc.
- Offer small volumes

Heidelberg Instruments Inc.
Heidelberg Instruments Inc.
2539 W 237th St Suite A Torrance, CA 90505 United States

With an installation base of over 850 systems worldwide, Heidelberg Instruments is a world leader in the production of high-precision photolithography systems and maskless aligners.  Due to their flexibility, these systems are used in research, development and industrial applications for direct writing and photomask production by some of the most prestigious universities and industry leaders. Applications include MEMS, BioMEMS, nanotechnology, ASICS, TFT, plasma displays, micro optics and others.

Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC
Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC
735 Arlington Ave North, Suite 204 St. Petersburg, FL 33701 U.S.A.

Intelligent Micro Patterning is where researchers go when they need unique, novel, and imaginative thin film solutions. Using our patented smart filter technology that is the heart of our maskless lithography product offerings, our company partners with technologists that seek new, unique, and innovative technologies to accomplish their goals. Through close collaboration and team work, we enable micro patterning solutions that outperform the customer’s original objectives, providing total customer satisfaction.