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EV Group

EV Group

Our vision of "being the first in exploring new techniques and serving next generation applications of micro and nano fabrication technologies" enables our customers to successfully commercialize their new product-ideas. This ensures continuous effective development and economic stability.

The basis for our success is our products: lithography, bonding and imprint systems. We hold the dominant share of the market for all types of wafer bonding equipment and are the market and technology leader in lithography and nanoimprinting.

The company's key competencies in lithographic technology lie in the high-throughput contact and proximity exposure capabilities of its mask aligners (EVG600, EVG6000, EVG IQ series) and in its highly integrated coating platform (EVG100 series). All of EVG's lithography equipment platforms are 300mm ready, can be fully integrated into its HERCULES lithography track systems, and are complemented by its metrology tools for top-to-bottomside alignment verification.
Other important advancements by EV Group in the lithography space include the company's special resist coating technologies - OmniSpray and, most recently, the revolutionary NanoSpray™. Not only do these unique technologies allow for extremely conformal coatings over high-topography structures - for example, through-silicon-via (TSV) structures with an aspect ratio of 1:5 (W:H) - but, ultimately, they enable customers to realize significantly reduced fabrication costs.
Through its commitment to continued innovation and customer collaboration, EVG has consistently raised the bar for cost-effective, nanometer-scale lithography processing. This future-focused approach enabled the accelerated introduction of its UV-nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) and hot-embossing systems. Today, the company holds the dominant market share in these promising technologies.

With over 15 years experience in designing and manufacturing precision wafer bonding equipment, EVG wafer bonding systems are well recognized in setting industry standards for the MEMS production industry. Besides supporting wafer level and advanced packaging, 3D interconnects and MEMS fabrication, the EVG500 series wafer bonding systems can be configured for R&D, pilot-line or volume production.
Permanent Wafer Bonding: The introduction of EVG's wafer-bonding approach, which separates the bond alignment from the bonding step, immediately revolutionized the market. Utilizing high-contact forces under elevated temperatures and a controlled atmosphere, this novel approach is today's process standard, with EVG holding the dominant market share for both semi- and fully automated wafer bonders and a growing installed base of more than 500 chambers. EVG's wafer bonders offer manufacturers manifold benefits, including optimal total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as a real wafer-wedge compensation unit to maximize the bonding yield. Its bond alignment systems, such as the SmartView Aligner, can be integrated into a fully automated GEMINI production wafer bonder, which can support sub-micron alignment accuracies even with non-infrared (IR) transparent wafers. As it did with MEMS manufacturing, the company is now leveraging its technology strengths to accelerate the success of 3D wafer stacking. In support of this technology transfer, EVG developed chip-to-wafer bonding tools for high-yield heterogeneous 3D integration schemes and was the first to market with 300mm wafer bonders.

Temporary Wafer Bonding: Building on its success in permanent wafer bonding, EVG introduced automated, temporary bonding and debonding technology to address compound semiconductor and 3D IC manufacturers' immediate need for high-yield processing of ultra-thin and fragile wafers. The EVG technology temporarily mounts a wafer onto a carrier by applying thermal or UV-release intermediates (e.g., spin-on polymers, waxes, resists and dry-film laminates), providing manufacturers with several key benefits. These include optimal design-process flexibility, high yield (via the rigid carrier support), ease of integration into an existing fabrication infrastructure, and a highly reliable debonding step following complete front and backside processing.

Process know-how is a key factor in achieving shortest time to market.
Our comprehensive process knowledge is a result of our decades of experience and creates benefits and advantages for our customers, from development to production.
With state-of-the-art application labs based at its headquarters in Austria, along within the U.S. and Japan, EV Group is focused on delivering superior process expertise to its growing global customer base every step of the way, be it from initial development through final integration at the customer's site.

Featuring state-of-the-art cleanrooms and a seasoned staff of process and applications engineers, the company's process development business unit works hand-in-hand with customers on a number of areas.
The company's application labs provide equipment demonstrations of its various product portfolio for potential customers looking to leverage EV Group's extensive line up of advanced wafer processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnology markets.
Furthermore it also provides process development support for custom applications to address customers' unique and challenging requirements at any stage of the development process.
Last but not least, these advanced process development and application labs are designed to accommodate independent research work to explore and develop baseline processes that will open up new market opportunities. This includes working with key partners, like materials suppliers, to develop and optimize new processes and capabilities.

EV Group's process development group works with customers needing "demonstrator" parts for their respective customer-specific requirements.
As a result, EV Group's multiple applications labs are equipped to conduct small-volume pilot line runs to simulate an actual production line process, when necessary. This is very advantageous, especially for those customers with extremely complex demands ensuring seamless process capability that suits all parties ahead of time and ultimately, putting EV Group's customers a step ahead of the competition. In all, these advanced labs provide customized tooling capabilities enabling EV Group's customers to effectively compete in today's ever-changing, fast-paced environment by enabling a shorter time-to-market; easing integration headaches; and eliminating the risk to schedule across multiple industries and applications.
This is the passion and commitment that makes EV Group a value-added partner and why companies who demand nothing less than the best continue to turn to EV Group for its unparalleled world-class process and technology expertise.

EV Group
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