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Xradia develops technology to help advance innovation in science and industry by providing unique insight through superior X-ray imaging solutions. Our products utilize advanced X-ray computed tomography (CT) imaging methodology and optics to nondestructively produce 3D images of objects with exceptional spatial resolution and contrast. Xradia adds a new dimension to ever more sophisticated evolutions in imaging techniques including light and electron microscopes and scanning probes. Our MicroCT and nanoCT product families combine with other imaging modalities to provide a multi length scale imaging solution spanning from centimeters, to angstroms in resolution.

With over 50 synchrotron and lab systems in the field, Xradia's imaging products are widely accepted by the scientific research community and the industry. Building on our earlier success in advanced semiconductor packaging development and failure analysis applications, we have a fast growing installed base in other application segments. Xradia's 3D imaging products have been implemented successfully in biomedical and life science research, rock physics modeling for oil and gas exploration, nano-imaging applications, and advanced material development and characterization.

Xradia's technology is based on proprietary X-ray optics and detectors. Xradia produces state-of-the-art far-field ambient environment imaging systems capable of 3D imaging with resolution below 50 nm. Xradia's commercial products have 3D resolution from the nanometer level up to several hundred microns.

Xradia is recognized as the sole supplier of innovative nanoscale 2D and 3D X-ray imaging solutions and is regarded as the leading supplier of the latest generation of 3D X-ray imaging systems with micrometer scale resolution.

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